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Dear Colleagues,

With great satisfaction we share wonderful information that Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports has been positively evaluated by the Thomson Reuters (see). We are a part of Web of Science Core Collection within Emerging Sources Citation Index (see #400).

We are very pleased that our articles are now counting for citation statistics and Hirsh Index, building authors scientific achievements, as well as institutional potential.

We thank editors, reviewers, authors and other members of Editorial Board for their support. We hope that you will keep up your support to Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports and efforts to foster and improve reliability, quality, and visibility.

With best regards,

Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                                                     Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                                                   Editor-in-Chief


Dear Readers,

This year, we are going to distinguish the third thematic section within the journal: Security Science. Wider justification is not necessary. Terrorism has become a global issue. Paradoxically, the consumption of benefits derived by technological development and prosperity is burdened with increasingly greater risk of losing life or disability. There are no safe resorts, airports, metro stations, theatres, stadiums, etc. The awareness of threat posed by a determined suicide bomber, who is difficult to identify, will involve increasingly wider social circles and weaken mental health and social health. Politicians and coordinators of social life of different levels do not cope with the ongoing crisis of education. Millions of people are helpless against the violence and interpersonal aggression.

Science (and in fact: men of science) is not helpless. Scientific knowledge about phenomena related to violence, aggression, aggressiveness is broad and still supplemented within many sciences at interdisciplinary level. This knowledge is constantly delivered to society mainly by means of specialist scientific journals. Scientists still consider the following issues as open problems: methods for diagnosing and treating aggression; methods for forecasting the behaviour and actions in the view of threat of interpersonal aggression; effectiveness of methods to counter all forms of aggression and violence; effectiveness of educational systems aimed at countering aggression and violence.

It may be symbolically assumed that science of martial arts was classified in the global space of science as new sub-discipline in 2005, when the first issue of Archives of Budo was published, as after five years the journal was awarded by Thomson Reuters with 5-years (2005-2009) Impact Factor of 0.542.

In 2013, we started editing new branch journal Archives of Budo and Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports. Definition and methodological criteria for identification of extreme form of physical activity (EFPA), which include extreme sports, has opened the scientific perspective of studying these phenomena at the interface of science of martial arts. Based on EFPA definition, martial arts and combat sports may be considered as extreme forms of physical activity.

Extreme times require extreme educational solutions. Breaking with the appearances of modern education (because what kind of modernity is it, if people are powerless against the expansion of terrorism, injustice, etc.) should be initiated by science. Only science has the tools for diagnosis, stimulation methodology, experimental verification of hypotheses and formulating recommendations for educational practice based on objective empirical data. Implementations are the domain of politicians and coordinators of successive management levels (thus, officials who are unfortunately in opposition to any changes).

Evident fiasco of catharsis (reduction of aggressiveness by means of watching scenes involving violence and extreme aggression) only multiplies profits and extends the power of the people in electronic media. These are only the circumstances towards which science remains helpless. Interdependence relationship among people of “power – media – business” is so deeply rooted that it is difficult to count on the revolutionary changes which would result in soon educational effects. Media lead the way towards violence and aggression. Every day, millions of spectators on the entire globe watch the caricature of martial arts, i.e. neo-gladiators covered with blood, who fight in special cages. Viewers are led to believe that MMA is an extreme sport. Human rights organizations remain silent. However, the most significant fact is lack of opinion provided by the World Health Organisation and International Olympic Committee. One may only wait until media announce that MMA reflects the profound message of the Olympic Charter and, therefore, lack of MMA in the Olympic Games is altering the ideals Olympism.

Perhaps, sarcasm will prove to be one of the necessary methods for effective reversal of this pathological situation.

The of science is serious and corresponds to the importance of struggle in human life. Science of martial arts, martial arts bibliotherapy, knowledge about extreme sports classified in accordance of substantive scientific criteria, security science devoted mainly to issues of interpersonal safety – these are individual examples of an interdisciplinary approach to the problem consisting of prepare a person to effectively counteract all forms of violence and interpersonal aggression. Agonology provides substantive grounds for studies about struggle. It was established in 1938 by Polish scientist Tadeusz Kotarbiński. In 2011, Archives of Budo published the first article about modern agonology. Since 2016 articles covering broadly understood topic of prophylactic and therapy agonology will be published in Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports.

We assume that if a person has the right to defend oneself and dearest people against each form of pathology, the accumulation of knowledge in the publications of the Archives of Budo (according to their mission) will create a viable alternative to breaking down the barriers of inability – from scientific knowledge to practice. Apart from cases of controlled violence (used as the last resort) under the right of self-defence, each violence is a pathology. Therefore, another basic assumption speaks of the need to break the stereotype that self-defence is a motor way to counteract violence and physical aggression. According to modern agonology, the incorporation of motor methods and means of defence is the last resort – when verbal or verbal and motor methods are ineffective.

There is hope in science and implementations, i.e. in implementing solutions related to prophylactic and therapy agonology which are verified and recommended by science in each rational society (regardless of cultural, ethnic origin, etc.) in order to educate and practice health-related training. Ultimately, the path of future politicians, military commanders, media owners and employees, coordinators (officials) of all levels or teachers towards the career must involve comprehensive education. Ignoring the potential of prophylactic and therapeutic agonology is the road to nowhere. This is an acceleration of self-destruction of our civilisation at our own request.

With best regards,

Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                                                     Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                                                   Editor-in-Chief