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Dear Colleagues,

It passed five years since the first edition of the Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports. On the one hand, science is not keeping up with dynamics of social events. On the other hand, science seems to be helpless in the face of many pathologies and threats. The neo gladiatorship expansion is probably the explicit example of this difficult to understand the situation for everyone who dreams of dignified, safe, interesting and honest life. The phenomenon of the escalation in this form of violence, strengthened with the transmission of electronic media, is arousing the opposition neither authority moral, of neither social organisations declaring the defence of the freedom and the human dignity, neither ecologists nor the most important people of the power. In a nutshell, everyone whom decisions have a global effect.

The technological progress by no means is not compensating the moral losses, health and limited possibilities of using the benefits of scientific discoveries and implementations to the economy. The main feature of the global economy is unbalanced consumption. However, potential and real users of methodology and destruction technology do not have a problem with the distribution of resources – intelligent weapons, but also killing with bare hands. Educational background of violence and aggression is huge and effective. Neo gladiators are a marketing product and although do not have anything to do with sport, the narration of promoters of this pathology leaves no illusion. The word “sport” in connection with the adjective “extreme” is proven camouflage for skewing ideals of sport, Olympics, good manners, feeling aesthetics and elementary decency. Who does not like neo gladiatorship and every other form of the education for the violence can change the channel or turn the television off.

For those seeking not only rational replies, but real support in order to overcome this difficult situation remains the science. This is also the cognitive and application mission of the Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports. In the 2018 edition of the journal we prefer publications that provide both knowledge about the diagnosis of all health dimensions and survival ability, as well as the appropriate tools.

This preface addressed to readers and authors publishing in all journals of the Archives of Budo contains excerpts from the justification of the Gdansk 2nd HMA World Congress Resolution – addressed to: United Nations, World Health Organization, International Olympic Committee, Norwegian Nobel Committee & to everyone concerned about health and the defense of human dignity (“Health and Martial Arts in Interdisciplinary Approach” 2nd HMA Congress 2018, June 14-17, Gdansk, Poland).

With best regards,


Bartlomiej Barczynski                                                                                                     Roman Maciej Kalina
Deputy Editor                                                                                                                   Editor-in-Chief