2023, Volume 19

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Original Article

Published online: 2023-12-14
The relationship between body composition before a sports fight and the technical and tactical performance of kickboxing athletes
Marta Niewczas, Wojciech Wąsacz, Tadeusz Ambroży, Katarzyna Kucia, Łukasz Rydzik

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Published online: 2023-11-29
Kickboxing on Theta and Beta-2 waves: unravelling the mind's secrets through QEEG analysis
Łukasz Rydzik, Wojciech Wąsacz, Tadeusz Ambroży, Krzysztof Kasicki , Wojciech Ratkowski, Marta Kopańska

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Published online: 2023-11-15
Stress among Ukrainian and Polish women during the period of Russia-Ukraine war
Karol Görner, Alexandra Predoiu, Ryszard Makarowski, Inha Petrovska, Andrzej Piotrowski, Radu Predoiu, Adina Geambașu

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Published online: 2023-10-30
Reaction time and special fitness of tennis players aged 10-12 years
Tomasz Waldziński

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Published online: 2023-10-16
Conditioning and coordination motor abilities of combat sports athletes
Artur Litwiniuk

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Published online: 2023-09-29
Some methodological and organisational dilemmas of implementing simulation diagnostic methods based on mixed assessments in defence education – empirical arguments
Ryszard Kałużny

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Published online: 2023-09-14
Physio training as important part of education of young tennis players
Ewa Waldzińska

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Published online: 2023-08-30
Effect of different sports on young athlete's posture swimmers and cyclists
Jelena Solovjova, Behnam Boobani, Juris Grants, German Jakubovskis, Ilze Avotina, Zbigniew Obmiński, Artur Litwiniuk

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Published online: 2023-08-11
Knowledge of visual and verbal performance in learning a judo throw: tai otoshi
Gleyson Ribeiro Alves, Cleber de Souza Lopes, Márcio Mário Vieira

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Published online: 2023-07-25
Physical fitness vs. postural defects in boys at age 10
Kazimierz Witkowski, Agnieszka Michalik, Paweł Piepiora

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Published online: 2023-07-10
Effect of outdoor recreation activity on mental toughness of taekwondo athletes in competition period
Behnam Boobani, Juris Grants, Iveta Boge, Tatjana Glaskova-Kuzmina, Inta Bula-Biteniece, Władysław Jagiełło, Artur Litwiniuk

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Published online: 2023-06-26
Physical activity and the shape of anterior-posterior spinal curves in primary school children
Tomasz Szurmik, Piotr Kurzeja, Katarzyna Ogrodzka-Ciechanowicz, Zuzana Hudakova, Paulina Chmielak

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Published online: 2023-05-26
The effects of imagery training pre-sleep’s on dart throwing skill

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Published online: 2023-05-12
Factors affecting bone mineral density in young athletes of different disciplines: a cross-sectional study
Anna Kopiczko

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Published online: 2023-04-14
The impact of organizing a big sport event on the structure and level of city’s expenditures
Zbigniew Piepiora, Justyna Bagińska, Kazimierz Witkowski, Kamila Mielniczuk, Paweł Piepiora

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Published online: 2023-03-27
Special Boxing Fitness Test: validation procedure
Wiesław Chwała, Wojciech Wąsacz, Łukasz Rydzik , Wacław Mirek, Piotr Snopkowski , Tomasz Pałka, Tadeusz Ambroży

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Published online: 2023-02-28
Differentiation of somatic and efficiency indicators as a sign of athletes` adaptation to efforts of various nature
Jakub Jelonek, Marek Kruszewski, Artur Kruszewski, Rafał Tabęcki, Karol Pilis, Stanisław Kuźmicki

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Published online: 2023-02-14
Dialogue of an expert with artificial intelligence about the ethical problems of competition in sports and martial arts
Jan Harasymowicz

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Open Forum

Published online: 2023-06-09
Terrorism as a reason limiting tourist destinations in the pre-pandemic COVID-19
Adam Podolski

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Published online: 2023-01-31
Antique wrestling is the prototype of a relatively gentle and honourable self-defence
Artur Kruszewski

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Published online: 2023-01-16
Visualization vs. imagery in mental training
Paweł Piepiora, Kazimierz Witkowski

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Review Article

Published online: 2023-04-28
Universal safe fall education – the missing pillar of prevention recommended by the WHO
Bartłomiej Gąsienica Walczak, Jarosław Klimczak

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Published online: 2023-03-13
A performance in martial arts: a bibliometric analysis
Yrui Tropin, Władysław Jagiełło, Iryna Fediai, Oksana Mashchenko

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