2013, Volume 9

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Published online: 2013-12-02
Biological and behavioural factors conditioning muscular power in men aged 30 to 60 years
Jerzy Rottermund, Andrzej Knapik, Michał Kuszewski, Edward Saulicz, Mirosław Kokosz

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Published online: 2013-11-04
Judo as a supplementary form of therapy for children with mental retardation
Dariusz Boguszewski, Beata Świderska, Jakub Grzegorz Adamczyk, Dariusz Białoszewski

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Published online: 2013-10-01
The interdependence of indices of efficiency, special fitness and body composition in judo athletes during the period of comprehensive training
Beata Wolska, Władysław Jagiełło, Valery Smulsky, Artur Litwiniuk

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Published online: 2013-09-02
A profile of Paweł Nastula’s individual technical-tactical preparation
Marek Adam

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Published online: 2013-08-01
Polish national cadet wrestling team for 2010 Youth Olympic Games Yog – social, somatic and psychological characteristics
Urszula Czerniak, Grzegorz Bręczewski, Alicja Kaiser, Marek Sokołowski, Maciej Tomczak

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Published online: 2013-07-01
The effects of taekwondo courses on multiple intelligence development: a case study on the 9th grade students
Mutlu Turkmen

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Published online: 2013-06-03
Three-dimensional analysis of the ju-jitsu competitors’ motion during the performance of the ippon-seoi-nage throw
Wiesław Chwała, Tadeusz Ambroży, Stanisław Sterkowicz

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Published online: 2013-05-01
The indices of technical-tactical preparation of the World’s Judo Champions in Tokyo 2010 as an assessment criterion for individual training
Marek Adam, Mirosław Smaruj

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Published online: 2013-04-01
Empirical verification of the effect taekwondo on manners in elementary school students
Tae-Hee Lim, David O'Sullivan

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Published online: 2013-03-01
Definition of extreme physical activity determined through the Delphi method
Robert Bąk

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Published online: 2013-02-01
The correlation of bone density parameters with the body composition of students of the Police Academy – the perspective of preventing permanent damage to the body during physical training and interventions
Helena Stokłosa, Władysław Mynarski

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Published online: 2013-01-01
Archives of Budo Science of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports – A reason for this new branch journal
Roman Maciej Kalina, Bartłomiej J Barczyński

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