2020, Volume 16

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Original article

Published online: 2020-12-23
The battle with marlin and sharks in Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" – a perspective on literary descriptions of extreme human activities in the prevention and therapy of innovative agonology
Leon Andrzej Krzemieniecki, Bartłomiej Jan Barczyński

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Published online: 2020-11-18
Personality of male and female practising competitive football
Paweł Piepiora, Ewa Kaźmierczak, Kazimierz Witkowski

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Published online: 2020-10-14
Personality profile of athletes who declare that they train kyokushin karate as a martial art
Paweł Piepiora, Maciej Kozak, Kazimierz Witkowski

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Published online: 2020-09-16
The impact of motor predispositions in cadets upon the results of the execution of Aviation-Synthetic Efficiency Test
Zbigniew Wochyński, Justyna Skrzyńska-Rękawek, Piotr Pilaczyński, Zdzisław Kobos

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Published online: 2020-08-19
The snow avalanche event analysis – a proposal of the new method in the example of the Giant Mountains
Zbigniew Piepiora, Paweł Piepiora

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Published online: 2020-07-15
Students' attitudes towards survival competencies before and after Covid-19 lockdown
Robert Bąk

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Published online: 2020-06-17
Professional competences of personal trainers
Artur Litwiniuk, Tomasz Waldzinski, Juris Grants

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Published online: 2020-05-14
Self-defence as a utilitarian factor in combat sports, modifying the personality of athletes at a champion level
Paweł Piepiora, Kazimierz Witkowski

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Published online: 2020-04-30
Training experience and weekly training total time vs. aerobic capacity and level of effective restitution of male Polish Judo National Senior Team athletes during the preparation period for the Olympic Game
Adam Prokopczyk, Marek Sokołowski

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Published online: 2020-04-15
Anticipated, simultaneous and posterior counter-attack efficiency in Ultimate Full Contact
Fernando Loio Pinto, Henrique P. Neiva, Célia Nunes, Luís Branquinho, Ricardo Ferraz

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Published online: 2020-03-12
Sex differences in anthropometric characteristics and a decrease in power during the 3-minute Burpee test: a relative assessment
Robert Podstawski, Krzysztof Borysławski, Jarosław Klimczak, Ferenc Ihasz, Piotr Żurek

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Published online: 2020-02-27
Effect of 12 hour-fasting promoted by breakfast omission on acute weight loss and physical performance of taekwondo athletes
Ronaldo A. D. Silva, Leszek A. Szmuchrowski, Paula Simonini, Cristiano A. G. Flôr, Bruno V. C. da Silva, Marcos D. M. Drummond

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Published online: 2020-02-12
Ultimate Full Contact offensive efficiency analysed through styles and combat distances: a confluence of cognitive and ecological approaches
Fernando Loio Pinto, Henrique P. Neiva, Célia Nunes, Luís Branquinho, Ricardo Ferraz

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Published online: 2020-01-06
Relation of indicators of technical and tactical training to demerits of kickboxers fighting in K1 formula
Łukasz Rydzik, Andrzej Kędra, Marta Niewczas, Jaromir Grymanowski, Tadeusz Ambroży, Wojciech Czarny

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Review article

Published online: 2020-03-24
Wrestling – antique lineage of modern form of combat sports
Artur Kruszewski, Ilia Cherkashin, Elena Cherkashina

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Published online: 2020-01-20
Three methods of prophylaxis and therapy of innovative agonology, important from the perspective of personal safety
Roman Maciej Kalina, Artur Kalina

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